Track racing with Moth Attack!

Don’t forget to donate to the Velodrome for your raffle ticket!

You could be like this guy! Anthony won the masters omnium at Encino during ‘A Fist Full of Handlebars.’ Congratulations and thanks for making my frame look cool!

photo by Pat Benson

photo by Pat Benson

It’s May day, but I’m still working!

I can’t believe I considered staying home from the San Diego show this year! It was even more fun this year than last because the extreme anxiety from not knowing what to expect wasn’t there this time around. There was a great mix of bikes and people again. Pretty sure traveling with friends was a great part of it as well. Swrve helped keep me company and confuse plenty of people about who was building frames and who was making clothes. Who asked for traditional gender roles, anyway?

Anthony from Velo Cult (quite possibly my favorite bike shop. ever) took photos of everyone’s bikes and made them all look amazing with his studio set up. All of the photos can be found on their site, and of course here are my bikes…




I’m still selling $25 raffle tickets for the Encino Velodrome Custom Frame Raffle! I mean, I’m facilitating $25 donations to the Encino Velodrome and notifying every donor by snail mail with half of a little colored ticket. So, donate to the velodrome and you just might get a new frame!

My internet connection is inconsistent at best at home right now, so I’m slow updating (and the post was written on May 1st and posted 3 days later when we replaced the modem). I have some photos to update of a new frame getting ready to ship out to a bike messenger in Philly. Yay, East coast!

Donate $25 to the Encino Velodrome and get a receipt in the shape of a raffle ticket!

Donations are not gambling!

That frame with the train-track bridge is still at powder. I rejected round 1, so hopefully it comes back looking great and in time for SD! I’ve had a hell of a time with powder and paint. This is the 2nd frame I’ve had re-coated this year. Ugh.

San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

After a lot of back and forth in my head over going to the show, I finally landed on ‘yes.’ It didn’t hurt that I’ll be sharing a booth with my friends over at Swrve Urban Cycling Apparel. That said, March is extra busy and it was already a busy month. I’ve already been sick, so I’ve at least got that out of the way as well.

Come by and chat at the booth and buy a ticket for the Encino Velodrome Raffle! My Paypal account was put on hold for ‘promoting gambling.’ Still trying to argue the merit of the fundraiser!

Moth Attack loves the Encino Velodrome.

From now until July 10th you can buy raffle tickets to win a custom frame! I tend to get involved with fundraisers as it is, so doing something for my home track that always needs some help seemed natural. Shirts are also available through the shopping cart feature. I’ll be sending the second side of the tickets out to everyone that purchases them online!

Speaking of track.. This bike is headed out to powder. It’ll be back in a nice Hello Kitty pink with an Edge fork.



Yay, 2010!

I’ve been relieved for 2009 to end and a new year to begin. It’s not that I think anything really changes between December 31st and January 1st, but 2009 was pretty mean to a lot of us.

The year ended on a great note at least. I won the $1000 grant from the nice folks at Idea Cafe and thanks to my friends and family voting for me. Their blog post is here:
Idea Cafe Grant

One of the projects I’m working on because of the grant is a bike for a good friend, ‘teammate’, former housemate and all around awesome vegan cyclist Matt! The bike is going to be designed for an event in July put on by our friends over at Adventure Corps. Some is on pavement, some on dirt, all for the sake of fun and adventure. New to their event schedule this year is the Rough Riders Rally in Marin County, CA. The event information is at the Adventure Corps page. Registration is open, and limited so I would sign up now if you’re interested!

I’ve also got a friend working on a jersey design to be released soon. The order will go through Voler to keep things as local as possible.

2010 is SOOOO serious!

2010 is SOOOO serious!

More than just a frame..

I’m ready to do complete builds. It’s really nice to be able to order parts for bikes rather than sending the frame/fork off to uncertainty. This road bike got the full Ultegra 6700 treatment with Shimano wheels and my favorite FSA compact bars. Her new owner is currently pregnant, so we left some room with the spacers and stem for changes.

Fillet brazed roadie

Fillet brazed roadie

Fillet brazed roadie

Grants and T-shirts!

I applied to a $1000 small business grant in September on a bit of a whim. It was for existing businesses or to help start a new company. Ideally the money would be going to not only help the business, but help others in the process. This is where the Moth Attack Team comes in. The money would be going toward a frame or two as well as help get some jerseys going (and skinsuits, yay track racing!). Specifically, I really want to get my friend Matt on a frame for The Adventure Corps Rough Riders Rally that may also turn into a bike for some other plans he has in mind that I don’t want to talk about before he does. If anyone will beat the hell out of a bike and ride it on epic adventures, it is definitely Matt.

I made it in to the original top 40 out of 1000 or so (as did another bikey company!) and then made the top 5 out of 40. Being down to the top 5 is already awesome in itself, but I might as well take it all the way, right? They are choosing the grant winner by popular vote. You have to register your email so there aren’t several votes from the same address over the voting period. It’s actually really simple, and they are nice enough to not spam you for registering to help folks like me out.

The voting page is here: Idea Cafe grant voting!
It will redirect you to register or sign-in if you aren’t already. If you sign-in using that link and it doesn’t seem to register the vote, use the link above again and it should take you straight to the voting page. They don’t tell you who’s got what number or percentage of the vote though, so pass it around! Voting closes December 9th!

Also! I have some of these No Sweat shirts left in Men’s Medium, Large and one XXL. I also have one Women’s Small. I’m going to place another order from Alternative Apparel on some different colors as soon as they are gone though so I don’t have a couple dozen shirts laying around. I’ll ship them for $17 with paypal, or in person for $15 if we can meet-up easily. Shoot me an email if you want one!
blue/black shirt

another new website

Collecting bikes eventually pays off. I wouldn’t have had anything to trade for this website if I hadn’t acquired a 4th fixed gear bicycle to trade (it was a Schwinn Madison with a history as an Encino rental). The hardest part has been figuring out how to use it though. I think I’ve got that taken care of now though. Now I just have to keep it updated with everything I’m up to.

This race year is almost over for me on the track, and I’m honestly looking forward to that. I’ve spent a lot of time (well spent) racing, but it will be good to have one less thing going for at least a few months. Moth Attack will be making what is hopefully the first of many trips to Elite Nationals at the LA Velodrome in Carson, CA at the end of the month.

I just finished up this frame for a fellow trackie, Tod. He’s already taken it out adventuring in Northern California, but the powder coat was less than ideal and we’re sending it back now.

tod's fixed roadie

tod's fixed roadie

tod's fixed roadie

Another touring frame is at paint, and I’ve got my first road frame in the jig to be fillet brazed this week. After that I’m back to track frames for a short bit at least. I’m not positive that I’ll make it through cross season without trying to build myself a cross bike.

I’ll be out at Interbike for a couple days (and visiting my parents). I’ll be wandering around in an uber-cool Moth Attack t-shirt, and a mohawk. Say hi!