It’s May day, but I’m still working!

I can’t believe I considered staying home from the San Diego show this year! It was even more fun this year than last because the extreme anxiety from not knowing what to expect wasn’t there this time around. There was a great mix of bikes and people again. Pretty sure traveling with friends was a great part of it as well. Swrve helped keep me company and confuse plenty of people about who was building frames and who was making clothes. Who asked for traditional gender roles, anyway?

Anthony from Velo Cult (quite possibly my favorite bike shop. ever) took photos of everyone’s bikes and made them all look amazing with his studio set up. All of the photos can be found on their site, and of course here are my bikes…




I’m still selling $25 raffle tickets for the Encino Velodrome Custom Frame Raffle! I mean, I’m facilitating $25 donations to the Encino Velodrome and notifying every donor by snail mail with half of a little colored ticket. So, donate to the velodrome and you just might get a new frame!

My internet connection is inconsistent at best at home right now, so I’m slow updating (and the post was written on May 1st and posted 3 days later when we replaced the modem). I have some photos to update of a new frame getting ready to ship out to a bike messenger in Philly. Yay, East coast!

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