Interbike and such.

    I wrote a NAHBS wrap up post and it sat in drafts all this time. I couldn’t be a worse blogger, but have been incredibly busy otherwise. I’ve also taken up Twitter because 140 characters is a minimal commitment to the computer or even better, my phone. This is what it looked like:


    Now Interbike has come and gone and I couldn’t be more relieved. It’s a beast I love and hate, but this year was better than ever. We officially unveiled the Ritte Racing x Moth Attack track bike all dressed up in it’s shiny new paint and brand new parts. To say it was an attention hog would be an understatement. I actually had my new friends from Handlebar Moustache drag me across the show floor to see the bike in person.

    Photo from

    Photo from

    Some other folks who actually seem to like blogging wrote posts about the show here:

    All Hail the Black Market
    -Stevil even managed to get a photo of me. Drinking coffee in a bar.
    Prolly is not Probably – Stoked to have finally met John. We have lots of friends in common and as far as I can tell, spends all of his time on Twitter. Possibly even while riding.
    Lovely Bicycle An avid cyclist and blogger from Boston.

    Plans to ride the Furnace Creek 508 were foiled this year, but I’ll be out there for support and to watch a friend finish the race on his new custom fixed gear road frame.


    Have I ever mentioned that Iove S&S Couplers? We took a ‘vacation’ this year where I spent 4 days being a nerd with Eric Baar of Ground Up Designs. He started teaching me how to TIG weld, so I’ll be spending my winter trying to get control of that and maybe build myself a new road bike cause we all know the last thing I need is another track bike.

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