The North American Handmade Bicycle Show did not disappoint this year. All the builders I got to see and talk with had amazing things going on in their booths. I’ve missed a couple years of the show as an attendee, and I don’t think I ever will again. Aside from getting up close with some radical bikes, I love frame builders. Maybe it’s part of how I got here, but I rarely find such a large gathering of people as something to look forward to rather than dread. It’s also the only time of year I get to see a lot of the folks that turn up as we all converge on one city for 4 days and it’s not Las Vegas.

My favorite photos so far have come from Prolly is Not Probably and Urban Velo. I saw the official NAHBS photos as they were being taken, but they aren’t yet on the internet.

At the booth

Photo by Prolly is Not Probably

John Watson always does a great job covering events. I often look to him to follow events I attend because I never get to see everything I want to.
Prolly is Not Probably Moth Attack Track Bike

Photo by Urban Velo

Photo by Urban Velo

I looooove the photos from Urban Velo. I’ve linked to the website before as I was included in an article that accompanied a short film I was a part of in 2010. This time Brad managed to get some of the best lit shots of the show in front of the women’s bathroom. It only took one try to get this super mean photo of me.

Urban Velo’s Moth Attack photos are sandwiched between 611 and Naked

Last but certainly not least, new kits are available through Voler! I love working with them and they make it easier every year. The quality is great and the prices are totally reasonable. The order closes on MARCH 18th, so don’t wait!
Moth Attack kits

ss Jersey

ss Jersey


All of the images can be found on the Moth Attack Facebook Page.

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