Swarming the 508

This year I rode the Furnace Creek 508 with another new team as the Wild Burros. I was the only veteran on the team as far as riding and Sasha had been out to film our first fixed gear team and crew once. I didn’t particularly want to ride the same stages I already had, so I put myself in as the 4th rider. As it turns out, riding across Death Valley starting at 2am is a lot harder than even I expected. I was a bit more tired than I thought I would be and it was kinda hot. The headwind was almost appreciated for bringing the temps below 90 degrees. I’ve only ridden on fixed gear teams before this, so I’ve always ridden steel (2 years ago I threw a drilled fork on my track bike for the weekend) and ended up going out with my Look 586 this year. I haven’t built myself a road bike yet, and my Landshark is closer to cracking every day (it’s had a tough life). I’ll never make the carbon race frame mistake again. I forget how rough the roads are every time. My back hurt worse than my legs and was completely seized up by the finish. I saved my hallucinations for the final stretch in to 29 palms. Nothing too exciting, but at about 9pm day 2, the sealed cracks in the road started to move around. Nothing like having complete understanding of your brain fucking with you. This is the finish photo, and no I don’t have any clue what I’m looking at.

508 finish 2010

We (Swarm!) had 9 racers at the 508 this year. Our 4x mixed, Emperor Tamarin, a 2x men’s team with former Bonobo’s Max and Brian, Godwit, a 2x mixed team of JLaw and Cara Gillis, and Matt! riding solo for the 3rd year in a row. Matt bet us that we wouldn’t close the 2 hour gap on him, and if he had been as fit as last year, I don’t think we would have caught him. I couldn’t resist the $80 bet even though I knew we would be potentially cutting it close. We passed Matt coming out of Shoshone. I guess he slept while I was still pedaling along, so the hour gap he had going in to it was totally blown.

matt payin up 2010

And because I’m a frame builder, you need new photos of new bikes. This is my first bike out of state (Philly)! Matt has already taken it to Atlanta to race and hangout at the North American Cycle Courier Championships and is sending me updates almost weekly. I love it. He had a friend paint it locally, so more detailed photos to come when he can get them to me. My own camera charger cord is missing somewhere, so I can’t upload any photos from it currently.

2010-10-08 12.57.16

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