Couple quick fun things!

USAC put together an article featuring me and Lauren Trout of Saila Bicycles. I think it came together really well. Going Solo….. Lauren and I also signed up for the Philly Bike Expo in November. It’s a long way off, but we are able to share the booth and keep costs down, so I’m expecting […]

Some photo updates!

Lots of things have been in constant flux for me for a while now, but building is still moving forward. Thought I’d dump some photos off while I figure out how to push instagram photos this way. Of course you can always follow me there directly @mothattack!

Settling in to Boulder

I officially picked up and moved everything to Boulder, CO just in time for snow. Before shoving off from the west coast I got some folks rolling on their bicycles with the help of Golden Saddle Cyclery and specifically mechanic extraordinaire, Woody. I’m really sad to leave those guys behind, but really happy to be […]

New shirts!

I just uploaded a new shirt design to Big Cartel. I’m going to have a pre-order open until April 30th with shirts shipping by the end of May. They won’t be pre-order only, but I won’t be placing a large order for extras, especially since there are 8 available sizes. About the shirts: Printed by […]

More Levi’s happenings!

This Friday we will be hanging out with Levi’s at Orange 20 bikes once again. Join us in launching the 2012 Levis Commuter Collection of Limited-Edition Custom Tees made in collaboration with Ritte, Orange 20 and Moth Attack. Proceeds go to the Bicycle Kitchen, Encino Velodrome and Bikes to Rwanda.


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show did not disappoint this year. All the builders I got to see and talk with had amazing things going on in their booths. I’ve missed a couple years of the show as an attendee, and I don’t think I ever will again. Aside from getting up close with some […]

Interbike and such.

I wrote a NAHBS wrap up post and it sat in drafts all this time. I couldn’t be a worse blogger, but have been incredibly busy otherwise. I’ve also taken up Twitter because 140 characters is a minimal commitment to the computer or even better, my phone. This is what it looked like: Now Interbike […]


I’m headed to Austin at the end of February for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Originally, I had intended to just attend and wander the show for the weekend, but I’m not eligible as a new builder next year, so I felt like I should take advantage of the new builder tables now. I’m […]

Swarming the 508

This year I rode the Furnace Creek 508 with another new team as the Wild Burros. I was the only veteran on the team as far as riding and Sasha had been out to film our first fixed gear team and crew once. I didn’t particularly want to ride the same stages I already had, […]

Movie stars.

Since I do live and work in Los Angeles, it’s only natural I would eventually become a movie star (again). A Los Angeles cyclist and film maker, Eric Matthies recently put together a 10 minute film, Countywide about LA for the Bicycle Film Festival, and I was happy to be a part of it. He […]